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like you (excerpt) from jenni hong on Vimeo.






i am you (excerpt) from jenni hong on Vimeo.














No Rice (excerpt) from jenni hong on Vimeo.





























    TREAT YOU BETTER (or: Came Here to Forget)  

Conceieved & Created by Jenni Hong & Danny Friedman

Premiere:  November 3rd, 2016 @ Triskelion Arts

Performed by Courtney Drasner, Danny Friedman, Jenni Hong, Tom Titone, Mei Yamanaka












  like you (2015)

Premiere:  March 12 & 15, 2015 @ Triskelion Arts

Performers: Courtney Drasner, Misuzu Hara, Jenni Hong, Darla Stanley, Mei Yamanaka

Length:  30 minutes













I am You (2013)

Premiere:  8/17/2013 at Waterside Dance Festival, NYC

Performers: Ayaka Habata, Misuzu Hara, Mei Yamanaka

Length:  20 minutes

"I am You" was created in part through Triskelion Arts Space Subsidy Program made possible with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation








R E W I N D (2012) is a physically and emotionally charged dance duet about struggles with time and contingency during moments of regret.  Furthering the concept after almost a decade, R E W I N D (2012) dials back to a long-abandoned past and gurgles back what has remained through time lapses.  R E W I N D (2012) is made possible with tremendous support from the E-MOVES 13 program at Harlem Stage, and in part with public funds from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund (LMCC MCAF Grant), supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Premiere:  4/21-23, 2012 At Harlem Stage (NYC)

Performers:  Marcos Duran, Jenni Hong

Length:  15 minutes





 s t a y,


Premiere:  6/25-26, 2011 at Space on White, New York

Performers: Akiko Furukawa, Jenni Hong, Elise Knudson 

Length:  14 minutes



 plays with the speedy ways we often arouse and appease one another as if we lived in a microwavable world of love.  Created in both Taipei and New York in 2010-2011, the show debates the fragile balance between a sense of selflessness and selfishness in connecting to others.

Premiere:  12/3-5, 2010 at the 15th Crown Festival in Taipei; 1/22, 2011 at the Irondale Performance Center in New York

Performers in New York: Akiko Furukawa, Courtney Drasner, Alexandra Albrecht, Mei Yamanaka, Natsuki Arai, Tzu-Ying Lee and Jenni Hong

Music Design:  Janine DeVal Gay

Length:  55 minutes





NO RICE  consumes various definitions of "rice" and spits them back out in an indulgent dance essay that examines what happens when grains of personality are shaken and stirred.

Premiere: 11/11/2009 at Dixon Place (NYC)

Performers: Akiko Furukawa, Courtney Drasner, Alexandra Albrecht, Mei Yamanaka, Natsuki Arai, Tzu-Ying Lee and Jenni Hong

Music Design:  Janine DeVal Gay

Length:  25 minutes

 ("No Rice" has also been performed by Kristy Kuhn, Cindy Chung Camins and MeeAe Caughey)   








I Know You Are juxtaposes fluidity and abruptness as three women find solace in each other’s blunt vulnerabilities. 

Premiere: 5/11-12/2007 at the Puffin Room (NYC)

Performers: Akiko Furukawa, Jenni Hong, Edisa Weeks

Music Design:  Janine DeVal Gay

Length:  11 minutes




Good Chinese  is a humorous journey about finding one's identity in a world that tries to pre-define you.

Premiere: 6/18/2006 at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University

Performers: Akiko Furukawa, Melissa Guerrero, Sakura Shimada

Music Design:  Jenni Hong

Length:  9 minutes








Rewind (2005) - a work in progress

Premiere: 3/18-20/2005 at JoyceSoho (NYC)

Performers: Mark Drahozal, Jenni Hong

Music: Boards of Canada, Digitonal, Peter Jones, mixed by Jenni Hong

Length:  10 minutes









Real Fake was inspired by Jean Baudrillard’s postmodernist theory where the “copy” has no original, and “the copy” is all we have to go on, so where is the truth, where are the lies, and where is chaos and where is order?  The semi-structured score blurs the line between choreography and improvisation; the performers’ decisions and movements eventually reach a plateau where answers to Baudrillard’s meditation on copy vs. original come organically.

Premiere: 12/18/2005 at St. Mark's Church (NYC)

Performers: Kirstie Simson, Christian Burns, Akiko Furukawa, Jenni Hong, Marion Ramirez, Sakura Shimada

Length:  15 minutes






Delete is an intimate duet that questions the idea of boundaries, or what happens when one “crosses the line” morally, socially, or through death. 

Premiere: 3/2/2004 at Dance Space Center (NYC)

Performers: Mark Drahozal, Jenni Hong

Music :  Mark Drahozal

Length:  12 minutes