JENNI HONG DANCE is honored to be awarded the 2017 CUNY Dance Intiative Residency.



Come see our new work on 3/31 (Friday) @ 8pm!

Location: Green Space in Long Island City  



 by Jenni Hong & Darla Stanley

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Jenni Hong Dance presented new work "TREAT YOU BETTER (or: Came Here to Forget)" on November 3rd, 2016 at the Collaborations in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts.  "TREAT YOU BETTER (or: Came Here to Forget)" is a dance/multimedia collaboration between Jenni Hong and Danny Friedman that explores the themes of free will and urgency in our modern, connected (yet disconnected) world.





Jenni Hong Dance was invited to show "I am You" at  Socrates Sculpture Park on August 15th (Saturday), 2015.


Jenni Hong Dance was featured at the Split Bill Series in March (3/12 and 3/15, 2005) at Triskelion Arts, a shared program designed to support emerging dance artists looking for a stepping-stone between the showcase format and full, evening-length self-production. The Company's new work, "Like you," toys with the control freak in all of us as well as the associating vulnerabilities and joys that drive and break us. "Like you" is developed in part through Triskelion Arts Space Subsidy Program made possible with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  Performers/collaborators:  Courtney Drasner, Misuzu Hara, Jenni Hong, Darla Stanley, Mei Yamanaka


Visit  http://www.triskelionarts.org/split-bill-march  for more info.

Photo credit:  Eric Bandiero




The Company showed its newest work, "I Am You" at the Waterside Dance Festival in New York City on 8/17/2013 at 5pm (and again at Dance New Amsterdam on 8/24/2013).  The Company's newest work, "I am You," features collaborators:  Ayaka Habata, Misuzu Hara, & Mei Yamanaka.  "I am You" is developed in part through the Triskelion Arts Space Subsidy Program made possible with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Jenni Hong's duet "REWIND" with Marcos Duran was presented again at the Wassaic Festival in Wassaic, NY on 8/3/2012 and the Collaborations in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts on 8/18/2012.


Jenni Hong's duet "REWIND" with Marcos Duran was presented by the Harlem Stage on 4/21 and 4/23 in 2012. The Company was honored to be presented by Harlem Stage's critically acclaimed dance series, E-MOVES, that entered its 13th season in 2012 by exploring the future of dance with today's hottest emerging and evolving choreographers. Both nights were sold out.  


An excerpt of "mach.com" was presented at WAXworks at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn on 1/22/2012.


"Mach.com" was presented by/at Take Root at Green Space on 11/12/2011.  "Jenni Hong Dance, with more color and glitter, presented a retooling of the evening-length, with more mystery and less humor than the original. What was a raucous, irreverent look at dating, with its pitfalls and pratfalls, has become a more reflective, often darker take on choosing a mate."



"Stay," performed by Courtney Drasner, Elise Knudson and Jenni Hong, was presented at the Collaborations in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts on 10/12 and 10/16, 2011


"Stay," created by Jenni Hong in collaboration with Elise Knudson and Akiko Furukawa, was performed at Space on White on 6/25-26, 2011.


"Jenni Hong '89; From a Consultant to a Modern Dancer."  An interview with Taipei American School (on Page 22).



The Company premiered evening-length work, mach.com, on 1/22/2011 at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn.  The performance was part of the FLICfest, a new festival of Feature Length Independent Choreography, and co-produced by The Irondale Center and Catscratch Theatre.


Jenni Hong Dance premiered evening-length work "等等將你" in Taipei, Taiwan on 12/3-12/5, 2010.  The work was performed by Akiko Furukawa, Courtney Drasner, Alexendra Albrecht, Jenni hong, and members of Dance Forum Taipei Company (鄭伊雯、汪秀珊、洪紹晴、 蘇冠頴).  The performance was part of the Crown Taipei Festival (第十五區皇冠藝術節) and co-produced by Dance Forum Taipei.  All four shows were sold out.    



Jenni Hong and Courtney Drasner collaborated and performed with erica essner performance co-Op at the San Francisco International Arts Festival on 5/28-30, 2010


"No Rice" was presented by the Bronx Academy of the Arts and Dance (BAAD!) on 5/14, 2010, Friday at 8PM.    


In March, JHD was interviewed by the hip and interesting folks at IPEVO, and later featured in their blog - Tubular Wireless Speakers Make All the Right Moves


In mid-February, the Company enjoyed a week-long residency at historic Kirkland Farm in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, and created new work.  This residency was made possible by DanceNow(NYC)/Silo.


On 11/11/2009, JHD's "No Rice" was presented by Dixon Place, on a shared program with Philippa Kaye and Edisa Weeks


On 4/8/2009, Jenni Hong and Janessa Clark perfomed to a duet at 60x60Dance at Galapagos Artspace in Dumbo, Brooklyn









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